Westcon GoldSeal for Avaya IP Office


             GoldSeal: More than just a Support Contract


Many organizations can’t afford to staff and train the team of engineers required to maintain their infrastructure. They look to their reseller partners to provide the day-to-day maintenance, support and management of their critical systems. Even when they have their own teams, it’s difficult, if not impossible, for them to keep abreast of the rapid changes for all of their technology.

GoldSeal for IP Office enables end users, through resellers like you, to delegate some or all of their IT operations to experts who specialize in handling support. Each service level — GoldSeal, GoldSeal Plus, GoldSeal Monitoring and GoldSeal Managed — includes a variety of provided services, as well as the metrics for measuring success and offering a complete managed solution.

GoldSeal engineers are required to complete continuing education and maintain product certifications. In addition, they build and support the hardware and software labs needed to troubleshoot and resolve just about all problems that can be encountered. This ensures your customers receive the most comprehensive care and support, while your team can focus on selling more. 


Benefits Your Business by:
    • Enablement without competition, we are focused on your success
    • Eliminates your CapEx investments to build, train and meet vendor requirements
    • Moves expensive talent from behind the desk to in front of customers
    • All uncovered opportunities get funneled back to you
    • White-labeled support, GoldSeal can enhance your brand
    • GoldSeal Support consistently achieves 100% customer satisfaction
    • 24/7 Emergency response


Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about GoldSeal for IP Office Managed Services or want to make our services a part of your business success, contact Dirk Bennetch, Westcon’s UCC Services Business Development Manager at 402-334-4527 or dirk.bennetch@westcon.com .

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