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What Is GoldSeal?
    • GoldSeal is a Westcon provided competitively - priced, Tier 1 & 2 remote maintenance package sold only to Westcon Resellers that provides support either to their staff or direct to the End - Customer in a white labeled environment.
    • GoldSeal allows partners to eliminates capital expenditures associated to building, training,
maintaining and owning vendor support responsibilities 
    • GoldSeal includes escalation to the vendor when needed for Tier 3 support 
    • GoldSeal takes maintenance to the next level by expanding it to include:
          ̶  24/7 Support Center assistance    
          ̶  Product guidance
          ̶  “How To” assistance including simple MAC programming
Customer Satisfaction
    • Westcon received customer satisfaction rating of 99% in 2014
    • Our Goal is to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction 99%
 GoldSeal Enabled Hosted Package
GoldSeal: Technical Support
    • GoldSeal Technical Support Center Hours ̶  24x7 Support (for P1 and P2 Issues) ̶
Nationwide 9:00am – 5:00pm Support M – F (for P3 and P4 Issues)
    • Toll Free Telephone ̶ 877 - 446 - 5373, 877 - 4GOLDSEAL
    • E - mail: ̶ goldseal@westcon.com
GoldSeal: Reseller Benefits
    • Pricing ̶ Less cost to your business
    • Unmatched Support ̶ 99% CSAT rating
    • Extension to your business ̶ “Hello, this is GoldSeal.” (not Westcon) ̶ One number to call
for all their product support needs ̶ You continue selling and trust Westcon to provide your support
    • Support Center (Help Desk) ̶ Product assistance outside your standard break fix support ̶  Assistance with Updates and Upgrades ̶ “How to” assistance that helps maximize your customers product experience ̶ Simple MAC Programming assistance
    • User Training ̶ Customer hand holding ̶ As needed one - on - one product instruction
    • Coordination with Vendor ̶  Westcon provides vendor escalation and maintains ownership throughout the incident ̶ Westcon assists with vendor provided hardware replacements
when qualified maintenance is purchased
    • Renewals ̶ We perform maintenance renewal tracking with the vendor ̶ Renewals come back to you ensuring future annuity business!
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